Social media and Web 2.0 are playing an increasingly crucial role in facilitating and strengthening messages that Companies and Institutional subjects intitiate within their business.

Public Affairs Advisors, with its specialized partners, integrates within its departments and in close coordination with the lobbying activities and strategic communication, the following activities:

Web monitoring

Nowadays debates, moods, pitfalls and opportunities arise (and often they die or are transformed) on the web. Web monitoring is an essential to get informed and be part of debate.

Strategic positioning

Being on the Web is a given fact for Companies. The competitive advantage is revealed in the quality of their presence: how to maximize the use of social media, which platforms are crucial to attend, how many and what kind of strategic information is available on the Net? Public Affairs Advisors provides support to Companies in identifying the most suitable tools or improving the presence of its Clients on the Web.

Discussion Groups Analysis and Web influencing

Just as in any other group in real life, also in “virtual” reality, some individuals influence the debate while others are mostly influenced. Identifying this mechanism on the Web, monitoring and setting up a relationship with them allows to engage and manage the presence on the Web.

Digital PR

Public Affairs Advisors provides support to its Clients in increasing or improving the Company’s reputation within the online community. By performing ad hoc Plans, it identifies industry influencers and defines reports aimed at giving visibility to its brands. It can moderate, answer and stimulate the social network community based on direct interactions with the Company, by preventing and managing any situation of communication or reputation crisis.