Public Affairs Advisors is specialized on the realization of Institutional Relations and Lobbying Plans on behalf of Companies and Groups wishing to communicate properly and in a transparent way with policy makers.

Due Diligence and institutional scenario analysis

Public Affairs Advisors implements accurate and in-depth studies precisely depicting the political and institutional scenario (on a central, regional and local level), thus allowing to identify the key-decision makers in relation to the Client business or investment.

Political intelligence

Preventing potential problems or just preparing an proper action strategy are key-elements in determining either the success or the failure of a business initiative. Public Affairs Advisors conducts intelligence activities in order to anticipate the scenario evolutions.

Direct lobbying

Public Affairs Advisors realizes and executes Stakeholder Engagement plans, organizes and strategically plans direct meetings with key decision makers, supports Clients in the accreditation and influencing strategy towards Institutions. Thanks to its specific legal and technical expertise, while respecting ethical correctness and methodology of activities, Public Affairs Advisors is able to support its Clients’ instances towards regional and national Institutions, regulators and financial decision makers.

Indirect lobbying

Public Affairs Advisors, as part of a defined and shared strategy, supports its Clients in the construction or strengthening of their public image. Public Affairs Advisors operates through an accurate communication and indirect lobbying plan, initiating and amplifying stakeholders opinions and stances. These activities are perfectly integrated with Advocacy 2.0.

Institutional monitoring

Public Affairs Advisors monitors and analyzes the evolution of the political and institutional decision-making processes (both Parliament and Government). The aim is to identify and report the opportunities and the critical issues for the Clients’ business.