Public Affairs Advisors supports companies in corporate communication activities, by ensuring consistency with the positioning and objectives, and by integrating them with public affairs and lobbying actions.

Media relations

Public Affairs Advisors researches and develops Media Relations plans according to the Client needs, based on business objectives and on reference scenario, as well as on the most appropriate agenda-setting construction.

Public Affairs Advisors develops strategic press office activities and acts as the Company spokesperson, by handling press briefing and press conferences, building positioning for interviews, using social media tools.

Communication plans

Public Affairs Advisors analysis the Client’s positioning and realizes medium and long term communication plans based on corporate targets and in close coordination with lobbying and public affair activities.

Crisis Management

Sudden and unexpected events can threaten Companies or Organizations’ consolidated results, even its survival. New conditions require new and prompt reactions. Public Affairs Advisors is able to support the Client in managing company crises, even temporarily replacing the management, developing and quickly implementing a targeted communication plan.