Today, sustainability represents one of the variables that define the economic scenario where Companies are performing and competing. More and more the attention on environmental and social aspects represents a strategic element to create value. Companies unable to address change are likely to be ousted from the market.

Territorial Acceptability Index®

Public Affairs Advisors has developed an innovative tool: theTerritorial Acceptability Index, which is able to assess perceptions reflected by a particular project at local level. The peculiarity of the indicator is that it is meant to be applied to specific territories for different types of civil and industrial works. It is based on updated analysis tools, modulated to generate results referable to an unique and common parametric scale. The indicator is able to generate both specific indices of acceptability (environmental, economic, social, etc.) and a composite index of the overall project acceptability. This tool is designed to locate crux it is advisable to focus on in order to reduce or mitigate opposition risks. It is particularly recommended when a strong need of identifying and highlighting the communication drivers towards territories is felt, thus engaging them towards targeted opinion leaders and stakeholders.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) regards ethical implications within the strategic corporate vision: it shows the Companies’ willingness to effectively manage their issues of social and ethical impact. Public Affairs Advisors, with its sustainability team, develops projects and CSR actions for its Clients, by focusing on social and environmental aspects and by developing the business in a responsible perspective.

Sustainability Integrated Reports

In the relationship between Company and stakeholders a continuous dialogue based on transparency and on the adoption of reference ethical models is more than necessary. Among the most suitable tools, the sustainability report is definitely one of the best vehicles as it is able to address in a systematic way the three corporate performance dimensions: economic, social and environmental. According to Directive 2014/95/EU, as from 2017, all Companies with more than 500 employees will be required to enter within their financial statements, some identified non-financial information which up to date are used only in the sustainability reports. Data included in the budget will be assessed by third parties and must reflect the economic reality of the Company. A further step in the path of transparency and stakeholder engagement is represented by the integrated report. An instrument similar to the sustainability report, but with different goals. In this case, the reporting is a process that allows to integrate the traditional economic-financial corporate reporting with the environmental, social and governance performances, through a single annual budget, aiming to communicate the value created by the organization.

Consensus Building

It is applied in public policy and in spatial planning to achieve democratic decisions, in order to ensure a sense of belonging based on the common ability to make decisions that are both effective and multilateral. Public Affairs Advisors uses consensus building techniques to guarantee Clients a proper positioning within the territorial areas in which it operates, preventing, where possible, conflicts with stakeholders.